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welcome to vrp! This is a fan and roleplay site based off of every mythical creature out there (Almost). on vrp, we allow you to create your very own character, and you can play out their life the way you want it! join white fang, dark wood, raven blade or black blood in an entanglement of journeys and excitement! If you don't like their life, then roam as a 'journeyer' or 'rough hand'. Fight for your group, become known throughout the land, find love, and leap for the stars!

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MARCH 6TH - New roles have been given to the most active administraitors, give a big round of applause for .:Hagane.:.Aone:., Blueman2010 and Twila12! Meanwhile, new layouts are being pumped out at an extremely fast rate!

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the frozen land is thawing, the icy grip on the world slowly unlocking as winter gives way. People are slowly peeping out of their homes, and the rivers are once again flowing.

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